Not in order but a good picture to start with.
Anders in his room on the phone... I think he was talking on it.
A picture of Devang that I took while tripping out on acid.
Ashish as he will look durring residency.
At some party we had McCurry decided to try on Renee's hat. I think he looked pretty good in it :-)
Nicole, kind of blury but still a good picture.
I think this is right after Josh got back from Europ but before he went to go work at IBM. Basically just the guys hanging out... although I look pretty excited. Probably because this is one of my first opportunities to use the timer on my camera.
Same night, I'm obviously having a blast. <man am I a tool or what!>
Eating lunch in Thomleson. Looks like Mary Ann is disappointed in her sandwhich. Knowing me though... I probably asked her to do it :-)
Yes, you guessed it by the smile on his face... This is Anders starting his car for the first time!!!
McCurry and Karthik playing chess some night. McCurry prettending to know knothing of chess despite having been on the chess team in highschool....
Vasu and Devang watching them play chess.
This is us escourting Didi to the airport. It was a sad time but not as sad as the night before commencement... that was pretty bad. Ya, Ashish. Sorry about the, the... eh, the cutting off of the face there.