This is people eating cake at Ander's birthday party. Last time, I was told I would get some cake. There wasn't enough and so this time I thought- Just pass it Craig... Ok, but if I don't get any cake I am going to burn the place down.
Or something like that.
Vasu, Mary Ann, and Paty preparing for Talent-No-Talent competition.
Some cookout infront of Howe. We also made Tie-Die t-shirts. I wonder what happened to mine?
McCurry and I are playing poker. As you can see, the pile of chips infront of me is quite a bit larger then his :-)
I kid you not, one hand later McCurry is back on top...
Here we are the Engineers banquett. Devang and Ashish reach some kind of deal (man that is a good handshake!!!) and Renee steals the spotlight.
Devang Eating something fried and Vasu's back. This what when Vasu decided to cook for all of us. Good stuff!
Another one of Didi leaving.
Case in Point singing at Spring Fest.
Karthik kind of blurry... but still a good picture. Man, Indian men just can't smile ;-)
Here is me studing with the BME crew. I am probably working on something 10 times as hard as them which is why my head is moving 10 times as fast and blury and stuff. That or I have a fro so it makes my head look big.
Here is Renee, Vasu, and I in a pavillion somewhere east of cleveland. We were on a road trip of sorts. We just kind of drove around Cleveland for 2 hours. If you remember, ask me about how we got pulled over by the cops that night :-)
Here we are infront of the Rock & Roll hall of fame. Just thought we would take a picture :-)