Very cool picture. Someone took a picture at the same time as me and I caught their flash. Anyway, they look married don't they :-)

But no! Renee and Ashish are walking in the woods together. Ashish... you old dog!!! Just kidding. Ashish is not and was not dating either Renee nor Nimisha. These are just funny pictures :-)


Ashish and I looking thoughtfull, as always. It was pretty funny because the event photographer saw us in this pose and made us do it again so he could take a picture. So now if you go to the commencement website we are in one of the photos there.(Man, I am such a tool! I can't even look thoughtful right!)
My brother is a phenominal photographer isn't he? I think he really caught the essense of me... thoughtful yet looking forword, confident yet not overbearing. Truely, a role model for children and the elderly alike! Who am I kidding... I was supposed to be looking at the camera but got distracted by a shiny thing on the wall.
Vasu and I... Damn straight!
So, FYI for all-ya-all. If you want to get boxes go to a 24 hour grocery store on a monday night/morning at 1:00 am. Yes, that is exactly what we are doing here. Let the Box Hunt Begin!
The mother load!! But wait! There is still usefull stuff in them. Shoot, and we were so close.
Anders with his catch for the day.
At a dinner party around graduation I think Josh and McCurry cut apples for Vasu's apple pie.
McCurry can juggle... Who knew?
Poker after dinner. I'm not doing so well. You can tell because my ears are red. My bro is in the corner. Fun times :-)
Renee and her bro at the same party. I think this is the night before commencement.
Sometime around graduation we went to Friendlies.