The ladies strutting their stuff at the dinner that we had with Vasu's parents before graduation.
Hanging out after commencement. I don't know why people are laughing, it looks like at me though.
Kind of out of place but Anders and I laughing at a Case in Point song called "But I was Online"
This is us waiting for the Garba at Ashish's Sisters wedding (Hereafter called Ashish's wedding)
A picture of the Garba. This was so much fun! You can see the lines of people and the sticks that we used. I had more fun that night then I had had in a long time.
The girls behind the hotel infront of the pool.
The guys looking like we always do... awesome.
So some stuff happens before the groom can enter the building. This is a picture of the crazyness. It was great because somepeople ended up waiting close to 20 minutes just to get into the hotel :-)
This is a very cool picture of the bride being carried into the room. You can see ashish on the right helping to carry her.
Oh, this was after the Garba. Awesome time.
They served us food durring the cerimony. I forget what this is but I think it was a mango ice creame of sorts... I think that some of it had significance but I don't know what. My gudraty is kind of rusty.
Ok, and you asked for it. Anders sees an aligator in teh pond... Oh No!!