We went hiking in the Cyahoga falls state park or something like that. Anyway, I spotted a Karthik in the forest and so I took a picture.
I had some people over to make pizza at my new house. Unfortunatly it turns out Karthik has an affinity for onions. Who knew?
Renee is seasoning her sause and Sarah is in the back rolling her dough.
Another picture of pretty much the same thing.
This is a picture of a picnic we had at Edgewater Beach. I'll tell you what, this place doesn't hold a candle to the national lakeshore in Indiana. I wish I could take everyone there.
If I had taken the shot better this might have been a really cool pic. Anyway, it kind of represented my mood after having lost the campionship softball game.
Picture from the terence club area where we had lunch before the indians game.
Here is everyone as we wait for our waitress. Pretty cool view. But wait! It gets better.
Check out these seats!!! you can actually see the ball it is just to the left of the first base coach. I love this camera. Thats an 80 mph pitch that looks like it is standing still.
This is a picture of Slider, the Indians mascot and his two helpers.
Last Picture, karthik with smoothie on his nose at Sarah's house.