This is a cool picture of the business end of an Atomic Force Microscope.
Just a picture of the old Saturn that I used to drive... As much as I love my new car this one had alot of hudspa if you will.
This is me telling the finance guy at the Hyundai dealership who's boss!
Me and my new car!!!
Just a cool picture from the top of the Rainbow Babies parking garage. Its alot of fun going up there at night but I am afraid of heights so I didn't take the picture from the edge :-)
Ah, spring in Cleveland!!
I was walking down the quad and I saw this... pretty freaking cool. In the real picture you can almost read what he was writing.
Quite homey eh? As you can probably guess, this was planned and exicuted by Vasu :-)
This is what the stage at Commencement looked like. I walked up the stairs at the center of the picture and then back down the stairs you can just see at the far left. Quite a getup if you ask me... which you didn't but oh well.