There is something sureal about this sail boat that I just cant ever seem to put my finger on... But I like it. The spot isn't the moon or the sun, it was raining and a drop got on the lens.
Picture of Adelbert Hall on Case's campus. It was just alittle bit foggy that day so I stopped and took a couple pictures of soem buildings.
Matt and I went out in the canue to go fishing but ya, I get bored easily so I started taking pictures. This is on Bar Lake, the lake behind my parents new retirement home thing that they bought.
Another picture of a building on Case's campus. Can't tell you the name of it though :-) Anyway, I like the sky behind it and the contrast with the white limestone of the church. The green of the grass and evergreens didn't come out as nice as I wanted but as you can tell... it was pretty early in the spring.
Don't ask me why but I think it is cool. Reminds me of the PBS tropical forest documentaries where they follow the jaguier around but everything looks wierd because it is at night and they are using artificial lighting.
Another kind of cool picture. Shrinking it down kind of decreases the sharpness but full size I really like the contrast between the white bark of the tree and the black sky. It is also so complex you cant take it in yet overall it still makes sense because it is a tree.
:-) This was from when I was playing with the settings on my camera after I had first gotten it and this awesome sunset appeard. I took like 20 something pictures before it went away. I am still amazed by the orange at the bottom and the almost purple at the top
Just kind of cool. I have to admit that it is staged though. Sarah gave me that flower so I thought I would do something with it. Kind of looks photoshopped doesn't it...
Wow, this was the coolest flower I have ever seen.
This is just a picture that I had as a background for my desktop for a while. I can't remember why I wanted to take this but I think I needed a background for the flowers that wasn't Case.
This was taken on Bar Lake. I only managed to get one picture of this flower because I was in a kyack and the wind was blowing. Didn't even have I chance to really line it up so I was really happy when it came out this nicely.
I just like seeing tropical plant leaves in Cleveland.
Its just so red!!!
Here at lovely Veal Center you will get the finest in athletic entertainment from racquet ball to swimming we have it all! <actual vealcenter may not apear so lovely>
I didn't even photo shop this. I am pretty sure that the camera thought it was messing up since it was at dusk and there was so much yellow in the picture. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty cool.
Just a picture of a purple flower. I just like how the background is out of focus which makes the flower seem that much more sharp.
Hm, very beautiful in an austere and cold way. I think the flower being so centered kind of unsettles the viewer. It doesn't make you feel all warm inside like most flower pictures but I can't look away....