Well, this is the beach near our house in beautiful Manistee, Michigan... in the beginning of March :-) Still, I think we had a really good time.
Picture overlooking Bar Lake. The swans were freaking huge.
This is Vasu and Renee out on the beach the night we got there. Although you can't tell that. Heck, we could have taken this in Cleveland. But we didn't.
Here is me trying to get into the picture.
This is Vasu and Renee cooking the morning after we got there.
This is Renee and Nicole getting some of the wonderfull breakfast that we had that morning.
Later we went for a walk and, after leaving the beaten path, we happened apon these oil wells. The wierd thing is there is a hand break on every one of these. So here I am, of course pulling on one of them trying to stop it.
So we decide to go walking in downtown Manistee... who knew everything would be closed! So we loitered.
After loitering we decided to check out the city beach... pretty cold though so that didn't go to far.
We did go to this kick ass restaurant where they served peach salsa. It was pretty good to! Renee... always smiling for the camera :-)
The next day we made a trip out to Midland MI to visit the Tai's... forgive me if I misspelled your name!. Anyway, this is after she breaks out all this food. It was crazy good yo.
In Midland there is this Tridge... it is a bridge with threebranches if you will. Apparently people come from pretty far around to see it. Hell, we did. Note the extreme flooding. This was the closest I could get to it. Don't get me wrong... I loved it :-)