I drove alot this trip (~ 1100 miles) So I thought it would be fitting to start with picture of the Michigan Countryside. This is just after Ludington on MI 31.
This actually came first :-) This is me and my awesome grandparents! I didn't give them good enough warning about when the picture was going to vome so grandma is almost there and grandpa R is just starting. I, of course, being a tool was there before I even set up the camera.
Just to give you all an idea of what the buttcrack of dawn looks like on the cannal that connects Manistee Lake to Lake Michigan.
Here is dad reeling in the first catch of the day and the biggest. Shortly before this "Buddie", our guide of sorts was fussing over the reel and yelling at dad telling him what to do. I am sure that he would have done the same to us but as you will see... most of our fish didn't put up that much of a fight.
Here is dad with his fish. By far the biggest fish I have ever seen in real life. I think it ended up being a 15 pound King Salmon. By the way... the water looks much calmer the it really was :-)

I cought the next fish. A monster <caugh!> inch King Salmon. Now, with my duties done I could get down to the real buisness of the trip... getting sea sick! Yes, for the first time in I think 6 years I threw up... Wasn't as bad as I remember either.

Here is Matt reeling in his fish. Not much to say...
Here is Matt with his fish, a 10 ish pound Coho Salmon. Notice how in nearly every picture people are holding on to something...
Here is Yanni with his fish, a something pound King Salmon. Funny story, the thing was half dead by the time he started reeling it in. Turns out we think it was dragging behind the boat for some time on one of the long lines so the pole didn't move enough for people to really notice.
And here is Sven with his catch of the day... Yes, it is smaller then mine :-)
Got back to Valpo and went golfing with my dad the next day. Here he is on the 8th hole. He shanked this one pretty badly as far as I could tell from his reaction afterword :-) Other then that though he played really well. I on the other hand... lets just say I am glad I didn't break 120...
I love seeing the skyline of Cleveland as you come from the west. There is something about how you see it about 20 minutes out and then you dip out of sight and then as you come closer you keep poping up for views untill you head straight at the city and the veer right just before Jacobs field. Always puts me in a good mood which is sometimes needed after a 5.5 hour drive.