Hey! Its the Capital Building!!!
Here is alittle earlier shot with Mary Ann itching her nose, ashish holding his arm, Josh being cool like he is and Anders leaning to the right, for some unknown reason.
Here we are on the steps of the Capital Buildinglooking down the Mall at the Washington Monument.
So we were walking around to get behind the Capital Building to see the Supream Court and such and we see this Honda Civic with a Senator's license plate... He is a Senator... shouldn't be be grafting or something like that?
Here we are walking up to the supreme court. Oh! sorry, Supreme Court.
Here we are infront of the doors of the Supreme Court. Each panel depict a Historic Moment in Law <insert echo>
Next we went to the Library of Congress. Man did this place kick ass. As a learned man, I must admidt that this place did get me alittle excited. On a side note, you can see that the special exibit was on Churchill. Man did that guy rock. The exibit was very sobering though and kind of give a glimps of the desperation that many in europe must have felt durring WWII.
Ok, This is actually the first picture that I took there of us. It is just in a pretty cool garden.
Back to Library of Congress. Dang this place is cool. Having never been to Europe I would say that this is probably the closest that we have in America to a Baroque style of archetecture. Maybe I am wrong but wow.
Opps, forgot this one too, this is right after we were infront of the Capital Building. This is a statue commemorating peace... I think. I can't find online what it is exactly. But I remember that it was unique.
A picture of the Washington Monument as we walked by.
Picture of the Vietnam Memorial. All I can say is wow.
Here is the Atlantic half of the WWII memorial