Here is the Pacific side of the WWII memorial. I really didn't like this memorial because it seemed like more of a celebration. This may be appropriet... I can't remember a time in US history when we were united fighting against something so purely evil as the Nazis. The other war memorials commemorated wars that we didn't really win or were kind of contriversial.
I guess this is me trying to inject some solemnity into the area. Each star represents some 4000 solders I believe.
Another Washington Monument.
Here we are outside the Lincoln Memorial. Its alot bigger then I thought it would be.
Here is the obligatory shot inside the Lincoln Memorial. This doesn't make him look that big but it is really quite impressive when you are in there.
We went to the Korean Memorial next. I liked this one. I have heard that at night, the marble paths in bettween the solders and the plants growing look like rice patties. And on the left is a wall where they etched in faces and scenes from the war. Pretty eire.
Here is the Jefferson Memorial from across the tidal pool.
Oh I forgot this... this is the Nurses Monument. I have alot of respect for nurses but I couldn't imagine being a nurse in the front lines.
Oh, as we were walking I saw this so I thought I would take a picture... You have to admit, it is pretty impressive.
Again, I can't imagin what it must have been like to live durring those times.